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Helmet Solar Fan

  • Helmet Solar Fan • No need any separate battery as this Helmet Solar Fan
    has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery inside.
    • Rechargeable battery in two ways through Solar module or USB port.
    • Silent and stable air blowing by using unique motor-fan for car navigation or PC
  • Helmet Solar Fan Specifications
    • Model : SHSF-153
    • Input voltage : Solar 5V, USB 5V
    • Operating hours : About 7hrs(full charge)
    • Power supply : Rechargeable lithium ion battery 3.7V 2600mA
    • Recharge way : Solar module or USB port
    • Recharge time : About 6hrs by Solar module, 3hrs by USB port
    • Fan motor : Slim micro fan
    • Origin : Made In Korea

  • Helmet Solar Fan Sion Lighting Co.’s helmet solar fan is a solar air cooling fan for use at safety helmets. The product, SHSF-153, helps protect workers in the construction sites from sunstroke or heat apoplexy. The model can easily be installed on any kinds of safety helmets due to its specially designed installation part. Operating on a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, it does not need any separate dry batteries. Recharging can be done in two ways - through solar module or USB port. The fan is a specially designed one which is generally used for car navigation system and PCs. So, the fan guarantees stable and stable operation. Once fully charged, it operates about seven hours.